Press Release (EN) – 2015-02-03

The Greek-German Appeal against the one-eyedness of the media and for negotiations at government level on the cancellation of debts has been signed by more than 600 personalities.

More than 600 signatories (with rising tendency) from the Greek-German immigrant community, German philhellenists, Germans and Greeks living in Greece and from Europeans showing their solidarity to Greece, among them many well-renowned academics, education professionals, people from the cultural and creative areas, as well as from the trade unions, now direct their appeal against the one-eyedness of the media and for negotiations on a cancellation of debts at exemplary instances like at the “strongest“ European Finance Minister Schäuble as well as at the German media. All 10 items of the appeal having circulated already before the elections of 25th January have since proved to be 100% correct regarding the developments:

  • The question of the debt cancellation proves to be the key issue and Minister Schäuble as the most important decision-maker. The appeal supports negotiations at eye-level between European partners and asks to courageously tear down the wall of the political rhetoric of blocking as in the words “we do not see the topic“. The totally failing policies having been executed by the Troika in Greece are named „Brüning-policy“ by the appeal in order to recall the catastrophic impact of this policy on prewar Germany that contributed to the rise of Hitler. 70 years after the Second World war we should not forget the fatal political decisions of the Brüning-policy.
  • The one-eyedness of the majority of printed and visual media of the German mainstream even surpasses the fears expressed in the the appeal: overnigt democratic winners of the elections became aggressive enemy stereotypes (“Europe´s nightmare“, „Eurohorror“, „Geisterfahrer“ – meaning people driving down the motorway in the wrong direction who cause perilous, often fatal accidents,“Greekos Radicalos“ with “greek-style“ graphically transformed letters following the prototype of the “hebrew“ graphically transformed letters in the third Reich etc.)

The appeal aims at the German media opening up a second eye – an eye that will perceive the Greek point of view and then see “the issue“ of the debt cancellation. And that enemy stereotypes will be disarmed immediately. The West German army once made an advertisment with the slogan: “Enemy stereotypes are the fathers of war – that‘s why we so not“. Shall the cradle of democracy now become a German enemy stereotype? Instead of repeating monotonously: “We do no see the issue of the debt cancellation“, those who say this should count the Greek words in their speeches before speaking: from “demographic change“ to “democracy“ and to – „Europe“.

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Link