Letter to Merkel (EN) – 2015-03-20

Dear Mrs. Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel

Please find an appeal of German Greeks (i.e. immigrated Greeks) and Greek Germans (i.e. philhellinists) in the attachment that is supported by more than 1350 people in a spirit that goes beyond party affiliations. This appeal differs from similar in the respect that it emphasizes the special historical and cultural relationship between our countries (which is considered as one of the most important ones after the German-French relationship) – as well as the special obligations arising from that for Germany. It differs also as it argues in plain language. It is directed at the class of the media as well as the political class. All 10 items of the appeal, that has already been initiated before the elections of 25 th January 2015, have become highly topical and have proved to be true after the elections. We address you as the person who takes the final decision on this political issue. First and foremost we want to lead your attention to issues 8,9, and 10 of our appeal: Cancellation of debts and negotiations at equal level instead of dealing with an old or new troika.

Dear Mrs. Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, we are sure that you do not consider the one-eyed vision of some German key media as your example (tabloid as well as quality media). With this one-eyedness a fair quantity of Chinese porcelain –the relationship between Germany and Greece- will be seriously hurt. Actually it particularly depends on you whether our relations will be irreversibly broken in historical terms with this one-eyed vision: We ask you to act politically and not only technocratically. We ask you to acknowledge that the agreements of the troika have in the meantime proved to be a totally failing strategy. A strategy which our appeal calls a “policy of the prewar Chancellor Brüning“ in order to recall the catastrophic consequences of this kind of policy in Germany. Act democratically and acknowledge that it is not only the government that has been rejected by the voters but also the “Brüning-policy” in Greece. Courageously break the taboo that by cancelling the debt the new government should not “get” (Bild) only one Euro more than the old one in order not to disavow the old government. Open up both eyes – we are sure that then you will be able to “see” the issue of debt cancellation instead of continuing to hold that you “don´t see it”.

Everybody knows that your taboo-breaking word would be appreciated in the EU with great relief. Say this word and allow negotiations about the cancellation of debt without any ultimatum – with whatever technical realization an whatever kind of provisional memorandum. We are sure that the new government will accompany and ensure it with a finally effective punishment of the oligarch corruption (item 4 of the appeal).

Yours sincerely

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Link (for the initial signatories)